Frequently Asked Questions.     

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CNA Training Questions.       

+ Is your training program state certified?

Absolutely! We meet all Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) requirements as well as all Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation Requirements (NACEP). We are also fully accredited by the Utah Nursing Assistant Registry.

+ What topics will be discussed in class?

We will discuss caring for patients throughout the life span, basic body structure and function, your role as a member of the healthcare team, caring for the physical and emotional needs of your patients, basic nutrition, emergency care, vital signs, and more!

+ Will I have to renew my CNA license?

Yes, every 2 years you must send in a license-renewal form to the state. As long as you work 200 hours in a 2 year period, you will not have to pay for any further training.

+ Where can CNA's work?

CNA's have many work options including home health care, long-term care facilities, hospitals, clinics, and hospice care.

+ What kinds of things will I be doing as a CNA?

CNA's spend more one on one time with the patients than any other member of the healthcare team. Duties will vary depending on the area of employment, but CNA's commonly assist patients with eating, ambulating, personal care and grooming, emotional support, and safety needs. CNA's also take vital signs, assist in clerical duties, and participate in interdisciplinary team meetings.

+ What is the average pay a CNA can expect?

In Utah, pay will range from $9.00 - $13.00 an hour with the average being around $10.00 per hour. Most employers will also give benefits in addition to the hourly wage.

+ Does Nursing Education Center offer financial aid?

You may qualify for financial aid through the Utah Department of Workforce Services. You should contact them and if you qualify, let them know you are interested in taking the CNA Training Program through Nursing Education Center. If you qualify, your course tuition will be paid for as we are an approved trainer.

+ What will the classes be like?

Our classroom setting not only provides a laid-back and fun atmosphere, but the material is covered in an efficient and professional manner. We utilize traditional lecture and group discussion, as well as dividing up into small groups to do hands-on skill practice. On these skill days, we have an appropriate number of instructors present so that you will get one-on-one instruction and not waste time waiting around for a turn. You will also benefit from videos, practice tests, and guest speakers. Our hospital-based program exposes students to various health care disciplines. We schedule the following guest speakers to present to each class: physical therapist, social worker, registered dietician, respiratory therapist, and Registered Nurses with different backgrounds. We believe that students should hear from the experts of each field, instead of hearing the viewpoints of only one instructor.

+ Why should I choose Nursing Education Cener?

First, we are proud of our high pass rate for the state exam. This high pass rate is partly due to the individualized attention we are able to give to each student. We give free tutoring outside of class for those who need it and give our students our personal phone numbers so that they may always contact an instructor for extra help. We are able to do this because we keep are classes small and only run one class at a time.


We have been teaching CNA classes since 2001 and have already helped hundreds of students begin their careers in health care. Most of our students are referred by previous students, and we are sure you would reccommend our class to a friend as well.

+ Where are the classes located?

Classes are taught at 74 East 500 South #106, Bountiful, Utah 84010.

Phlebotomy Training Questions.       

+ Why choose Nursing Education Center for Phlebotomy Training?

Nursing Education Center is committed to training our students to be the best Phlebotomists along the Wasatch Front. We believe it is vital to receive as much hands on experience as possible to become accurate and efficient; which is why our class provides more than twice as many "in class draws" as other schools in the area. From the very first class our unique methods train you to find and assess the best vein for venipuncture so you can become confident and skilled at producing a quality blood sample with every draw.


Our classroom education prepares you for the following: National Phlebotomy Certification Test, the ability to work in various laboratory settings, and how to STAND OUT when applying for positions in hospitals and medical centers. Here are just some of the topics we cover:


Venipuncture using vacutainers, butterfly & syringes, finger & heel sticks, difficult draws & reactions, blood components / serum vs. plasma, vacutainer tubes (top colors, additives, and tests for each), special handling & procedures, quality control & assurance, HIPAA & patient rights, OSHA, and personal safety.

+ What does a Phlebotomist do?

Plebotomists work in hosptials, clinics, and labs. Phlebotomists obtain blood specimens from patients for laboratory analysis. The blood sample is then used to diagnose and monitor medical conditions. Phlebotomy plays a key role in laboratory testing and patient care.The responsibilites of a phlebotomist include interacting with patients and other healtch care professionals, performing the processing and handling of specimens, maintaining quality assurance, and collecting the appropriate amount of blood by venipuncture or dermal puncture for the speicifed test.

+ How much do Phlebotomists get paid?

The average pay for Phlebotomists in Utah ranges from $10- $15 dollars per hour.

+ Do I need my Phlebotomy certificate to work as a CNA or vice versa?

No. However, having National certification puts you in a very marketable position. If you are hoping to work in a hospital setting, having a CNA and a Phlebotomy certificate will open many more doors for you. With both certificates in hand you will have a stronger resume and more work options.

+ How do I register for the class?

You can register online or by mail. To register by mail, send a $100.00 deposit with your name, address, and phone number to:


Nursing Education Center, c/o Jody Neeley

74 East 500 South #104, Bountiful, Utah 84010


+ Where are the classes taught?

Classes are taught at 74 East 500 South #104, Bountiful, Utah 84010.


Become a certified nurse assistant and start a rewarding career in the nursing field.


Begin your career as a Phlebotomist or increase your employment opportunities as a CNA!


We offer CPR Training for Healthcare Professionals as well as for the general public.